Kubu Smart door lockHome security systems are extremely important when it comes to protecting your home and family. As the traditional route of entry into a home, doors are commonly targeted by would-be intruders, which is why we are seeing smart lock technology becoming more and more attractive to homeowners.

A smart lock is a type of electromechanical lock which is operated wirelessly after authentication from an authorized user and, unlike traditional locks, allows the homeowner to access their home without the need to use a key. However, there are still many who are apprehensive to place their trust in a smart lock and join the ‘smart’ revolution, with one question most prevalent in their mind: just how secure are they?


People are insecure when it comes to the security of internet-connected devices, especially when they involve the security of their home. As smart locks are connected to your Wi-Fi network it is possible that it could be hacked to gain access to a smart door lock. However, it’s highly unlikely that any potential burglar will have the right know-how to hack your Wi-Fi network in order to break into your home. As the smart lock is concealed within the door, there’s also no reason why a potential burglar would even be aware that your home uses smart locking technology in the first place.

More control

Kubu Smart Door App

While many people feel uneasy about locking their door with a smartphone, they add a security element by doing away with spare keys. This is simply because access codes are far easier to control. Unlike a key, if you lose your smartphone another authorised person can simply remove your access rights. And if your code becomes compromised, it can simply be deleted. Another bonus is you don’t have to replace the entire lock, as you would have to do if you lost a conventional key.

More peace of mind

Far from being less secure, smart locks can actually add to the security in your home, thanks to a whole host of special features. The most recent generation of consumer-grade smart locks are safer than ever, although some are better than others.

Here at T&K, we have a range of door locking hardware to choose from, including our innovative Kubu Door Lock. Combining the mechanical lock with an electronic sensor, it allows you to monitor the status of your door in real-time. This means you can check whether your door is locked remotely, receive real-time notifications whenever someone enters or exits your door, set schedules, share doors with friends and family, and get notified as they leave their home – all through an app on your smartphone.

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