Toughened glass

Toughened glass is made by placing the exterior surfaces of glass into compression. As glass is much stronger under compression than it is under tension, it becomes considerably harder to break. In fact, it’s actually six times harder to break than ordinary, untreated glass. And if the glass does break, it will break into small, round or cube-shaped pieces, rather than shattering into jagged shards like ordinary glass. For this reason, it’s often referred to as safety glass.

Toughened glass is used on patio doors, bifold doors and other styles of door that feature large areas of glazing. We often use it for these doors to bolster levels of security and safety.

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Laminated glass

Although laminated glass is often confused for toughened glass, it’s actually slighter weaker than the former. However, it is still significantly stronger than standard glass. One of the essential characteristics of laminated glass is that, when smashed, it does not break up into jagged shards or small pieces, and, instead, stays in place. This clever feature reduces the possibility of an injury occurring from falling glass, plus it means there are no holes for potential intruders to use as an entry-point to your home.

Our timber sliding patio, tilt & slide, French and bifold doors are all available with laminated glass.

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Decorative glass for doors

If you’d like to add a stylish feature to a door, opting for decorative glass is a sure-fire way to do so. However, decorative glass can also be used for practical purposes too. It’s mostly fitted to front and back doors, and here at T&K, we offer the full range of decorative glass from Pilkington. The varieties of this include:

Frosted glass – With its frosted appearance, this type of glass blurs images, increasing privacy without reducing the amount of light coming into the home.

Etched glass – etched glass is sandblasted in order to obscure certain areas, creating a range of stunning designs and simultaneously improving privacy levels.

Patterned glass – imprinted with a decorative pattern of some kind, patterned glass adds visual appeal and, in certain cases, more privacy.

Stained glass – Created by combining pieces of coloured glass, stained glass comes in a huge assortment of lavish designs that look incredibly attractive.

Bevelled glass – Created by arranging clusters of thick glass that is cut at different angles, bevelled glass diffract sunlight and colour to display a huge range of snazzy designs.

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Double glazed doors

When you purchase a door which has areas of glazing, no matter how big or small they are, they will be double glazed as standard. The double glazing of today consists of two panes of glass with a cavity between them. This cavity can be filled with air, although it’s usually filled with an inert gas like Argon or Krypton. The combination of multiple panes of glass and inert gas cavity dramatically reduces thermal conductivity whilst providing a great barrier against outside sound. The result is comfortable living spaces all year round.

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Triple glazed doors

Although doors with triple glazing are not that common, many homeowners opt for triple instead of double because of the performance benefits it provides. Triple glazing has another pane of glass and an additional cavity than double, which results in stronger thermal performance and better sound insulation. The extra pane of glass also provides an additional layer of protection for the home.

Triple glazing is commonly used on entrance doors, but despite the performance benefits, it’s important to consider that triple glazing will cost you more than double and is likely to take slightly longer to install.

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