Modern window ideas

For anyone searching for contemporary-looking windows, the best place to start is aluminium windows. Aluminium has one of the best strength to weight ratios of any construction material, which enables the frames on aluminium windows to be built to ultra-slim proportions. This results in a minimalist appearance and large glazed areas, which is consistent with contemporary styles of architecture.

For the style, it’s difficult to go wrong with casement windows. Their style is understated but extremely adaptable, so it’s easy to design a set of casement windows with modern features, like chamfered frames. This is especially true for aluminium casements, which have slimmer framework and more glass than the other materials, as outlined above.

Modern window colours

One of the most popular modern window colours is Anthracite Grey, although lighter and cooler greys are also very good for exuding a contemporary vibe. Black is another colour that works well with contemporary architecture, especially art-deco/industrial styles, although it works with traditional buildings equally well.

Opting for a dual colour finish, where you have different colours for the interior and exterior framing, is a more recent addition to the window market that you might also consider.

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Grey aluminium top hung casement windows
Grey Flush Sash Windows

Traditional window ideas

When looking for a heritage window appearance, you cannot go wrong with flush sash windows or Residence 9 windows. These are designed to recreate period details, which includes window sashes that sit flush to the frame and slim framing. If opting for uPVC flush sash windows or Residence 9 windows, despite being built from uPVC, they can replicate traditional timber joinery methods, resulting in authentic-looking timber window joints too.

Opting for specific window furniture can also help you to achieve a more heritage window appearance. You might consider pear drop or monkey tail handles or peg stays, for example.

Humans have been constructing window frames from wood for centuries, so timber windows are perfect for creating a traditional looking home too. Here at T&K, we also have them available in the flush sash style, so you can fully enjoy heritage detailing.

Traditional window colours

Cream and Chartwell Green both exude vintage, country cottage vibes, perfect for those traditional properties. Black is a sophisticated and versatile shade that also works well when creating a traditional look.

If opting for uPVC windows, these are available with various woodgrain foils, including Irish Oak and Light Oak, which mimic the appearance of real timber. Of course, if opting for real timber, any natural wood or stained finish will give you that classic vibe.

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Windows for terraced properties

The type of windows that are best suited to terraced properties will depend on the style and age of the property. For example, many terraced homes are from the Victorian era and other historical periods. However, we have listed some advice on windows for period properties further down the page.

Terraced homes built from the 1950s onwards are mostly fitted with white casement windows. They started out being built from timber but by the 1980s, the material used was uPVC. Therefore, we would recommend white uPVC or timber casement windows if you seek like for like replacements.

Although white is the most common colour used for these windows, you often see them in a rosewood or brown finish too. However, there is no need to just stick to these colours. We offer a wealth of finishes, so you can put your own stamp on your windows without spoiling your property’s original character.

The most popular RAL colours for windows

Windows for period properties

If you happen to live in a period property, whether it’s from the Victorian, Georgian, or Edwardian period, chances are it’s been fitted with sliding sash windows. Easy to spot because of their vertical sliding sashes, we have replacements available in either uPVC or timber. Either option allows you to retain that period look whilst getting your home up to modern performance standards.

However, if not all or none of the windows on your period home are sash windows, we recommend opting for flush sash windows or Residence 9 windows. Having been designed to 19th-century timber window designs, these are perfectly in keeping with your home’s period features.

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Windows for semi-detached homes

The 1930s semi is one of the most popular and sought-after styles of home in the UK. They are often, but not always, equipped with a stunning bay window at the front along with timber flush sash windows. So, if yours still has the original windows, our timber or uPVC flush sash windows are the perfect replacements.

To maintain that classic charm, you might also consider fitting the windows with leaded or decorative glass. Colour wise, white is the most common, but a Cream or Chartwell Green finish will ensure you can recreate those vintage vibes just as well.

For the more modern semi-detached homes, it’s difficult to go wrong with standard casement windows. uPVC casement windows are the most popular type of window in use and semi-detached homes across the UK are equipped with them. However, you could swap them out for some aluminium casements instead. Their slender framing will give your home a more modern aesthetic whilst retaining the essence of the original windows. Finish wise, a sleek Anthracite Grey finish will give you that ideal blend of classic and contemporary.

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Timber vertical sliding windows
White Tilt & Turn

Windows for flats in multi-storey residences

Living more than 1 storey up presents its own set of challenges regarding safety and cleaning your windows because cleaning windows in these circumstances is just not practical or safe. However, tilt and turn windows can be opened internally, allowing you to clean both sides of the window from inside the home. With their dual operation, they can also be tilted slightly inwards and lock into place. This allows you to safely ventilate your home, which is great if you have small children. Here at T&K, they are available in either uPVC, aluminium or timber.

Fully reversible windows are another option you might consider in these locations. These feature a 180-degree tilting mechanism, so you can also clean them from the comfort of your own home.

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