Multi-point locks for new windows

One of the most common types of locking hardware for replacement windows is multipoint locks. They secure the window at a number of points around the frame, making it more difficult for potential intruders to find a weak point they can exploit to gain entry. Multipoint locks are engaged and disengaged via an espag window handle, which most modern double glazed windows are fitted with.

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ilt & turn Window - Multi-point locking
Window Shootbolt Lock

Shootbolt locks for windows

Window shoot bolt systems usually consist of a central gearbox, face bar and shootbolt. When operated, the shootbolt extends outward from the top and bottom (or either side on top hung windows) of the window, firmly securing it to the frame.

Advanced shoot bolt systems might also utilise mushrooms cams or roller cams, which pull the sash into the frame to provide a highly effective seal from the weather.

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Espag window handles

Most modern windows are fitted with a key-operated espag window handle, which operates an espagnolette locking system. An espag window lock is the flat metal strip that runs up the locking side of a window. They often have metal studs on them that, when the handle is operated, catch into a metal plate on the window frame, which is called a keep. Therefore, securing the window into place.

Espag window handles can be used to operate multi-point and shootbolt locking systems.

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Espag window handle
Profile 22 window profile

What is internal and external beading?

Window glazing is held in place against the frame by a small strip known as a ‘bead’. The ‘bead’, as it’s known, runs along each edge of the window sash.

Nowadays, most modern windows are internally beaded, although, in the past, most were beaded externally. This is because there were concerns that external beading posed a security risk. However, this was seen as more of a problem on older uPVC windows. Some modern uPVC windows are beaded externally, as are many timber windows, in order to retain a traditional aesthetic. External beading on timber windows is not considered such a security risk.

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What are window restrictors?

These are concealed between the window frames and they work by restricting the distance that the window can be opened. They are often concealed and they are great if you have young children because they make it much more difficult to climb out the window. They’re also useful for ventilating your home without compromising safety.

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Concealed hinge on a casement window
Grey Sliding Sash Windows

Sash window locks & hardware

To ensure our uPVC and timber sliding sash windows are able to secure your home, they use a range of unique sash window security hardware, such as:

Reinforced meeting rail – This is the top rail of the bottom window sash and the bottom rail of the top window sash are known as the meeting the rails. They are usually rebated to keep out the weather and improve security, although they can be reinforced to improve security further.

Sash fasteners – These are located in the middle of a sash window and they secure the two window sashes together, preventing the window from opening. They can be fitted to the meeting rail in order to maximise security levels. These are sometimes referred to as locking cam catches.

Sash stops – Sash stops are fitted on either side of the frame and they restrict the window from opening fully. This ensures that the home can still be ventilated without compromising security or the safety of those in the house.

Sash fastener

Sash fastener

Sash stop on sliding sash windows

Sash stop

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What is Secured by Design accreditation?

Secured by Design is a scheme run by the UK Police and it recognises high levels of security amongst a variety of home-improvement products, including windows. Many of the replacement windows we install here at T&K are able to achieve this accreditation. This illustrates their ability to keep your home protected from unwanted intruders and can help to reduce home insurance costs too.

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White uPVC

uPVC window locks and hardware

uPVC casement windows: High-security SAC multi-point locks, Central eurogroove and secure bead system

uPVC flush sash windows: High-security multi-point locks, Central eurogroove and secure bead system

uPVC vertical sliding windows: Locking cam catches, Reinforced meeting rail

uPVC tilt & turn windows: Ultra-secure all-round locking system

Residence 9 windows: Multi-point locking system, Glass bonded with internal glazing beads

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Aluminium window locks and hardware

Every aluminium window that we fit here at T&K has been fitted with a high-security multi-point locking system. All of them have also been accredited by Secured by Design so you know security levels are nothing short of outstanding. Within our aluminium window range, you can find:

Aluminium casement windows

Aluminium fully reversible windows

Aluminium tilt & turn windows

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Residence 9 Aluminium Windows
Timber Casement windows

Timber window locks and hardware

Timber casement windows: High-security multipoint locks, Hinge protectors

Timber tilt & turn windows: Advanced multipoint locking system

Timber vertical sliding windows: High-quality sash fasteners, Sash stops

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