Window handle styles and colours

As standard, today’s windows are fitted with espag handles, which are available in standard, monkey tail and pear drop designs. The latter two are often used to achieve a more traditional-looking window. Therefore, they are an excellent choice for Residence 9 windows and flush casements, although they can give a standard casement window a more classic feel too.


Espag handles

Pear drop handle

Pear drop handle

Monkey tail window handle

Monkey tail handle

Handle colours

The handle colours that we have available are: white, gold (brass effect), chrome, satin & black. Black monkey tail handles are also available.

Window Hardware - White


Window Hardware - Gold


Window Hardware - Chrome


Window Hardware - Satin


Window Hardware - Black


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Espag window handle
Black uPVC House Install

What are trickle vents and how do they work?

A trickle vent is a small ventilation device that is fitted to a window frame. Although they are optional for most homeowners, they are legally required when replacing windows that are already fitted with them. Their purpose is to allow fresh air to circulate into a room and polluted air to circulate out. Trickle Vents

  • + As breathing in polluted air can be harmful, trickle vents ensure for a healthier home environment.
  • + They negate the need to open the window for ventilation purposes, allowing air to flow safely in and out.
  • – Some homeowners have criticised them for reducing a window’s energy performance, so bear this in mind.

Trickle vents are available on most of our windows, so if you’d like them for your home, please feel free to let us know!


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What are peg window stays?

A window stay is a small metal bar which is fitted onto a window to hold it in a specific open or closed position. Traditional peg window stays are a great way to give your window an authentically classic appearance. For this reason, we regularly fit them on our Residence 9 windows and timber casement windows, which are ideal for use in heritage applications.

Monkey tail window stay

Monkey tail window stay

Pear drop window stay

Pear drop window stay

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uPVC and timber sash window furniture

Our uPVC and timber vertical sliding windows come with their own selection of window furniture:

  • Sash lift – a curved hook used to open and close the window.
  • Sash fastener – located in the middle of a sash window, sash fasteners are used to hold the two window sashes together.
  • Sash eye – Like sash pulls, these ornamental features are used to open and close the sash window, although they are ring-shaped.
  • Sash pulley – located in the side of the frame near the top of the window, the sash cord or chain passes over a sash pulley to the counterweight.
  • Sash stop – Sash stops restrict the window from opening, and can also be used to a lock a sash window open for ventilation purposes.
  • Sash horns – used to support the mortice and tenon joints, they also prevent the sashes from opening too far and jamming.
Sash Lift

Sash lift

Sash Eye

Sash eye

Sash Stop

Sash stop

Sash Pulley

Sash pulley

Run Through Sash Horn

Run through sash horn

sash fastener

Sash fastener

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