Double glazed and triple glazed casement windows for your home

Here at T&K Home Improvements, we install double and triple glazed casement windows that are built from 3 different materials: uPVC, aluminium and timber. Each option is guaranteed to make your home thermally efficient and secure, especially if you’re replacing windows that are very old. They can also be customised in various colours and with numerous furniture and glazing, so it’s easy to find a casement window or two to suit you!

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Compare our casement window materials

uPVC Aluminium Timber
Colour Options 26 colours, and several woodgrain effects. A dual colour option is available. 150+ RAL colours, and several woodgrain effects. A dual colour option is available. 12 colours and 9 wood stains. A dual colour option is available.
Glazing Options Double or triple glazing. Double or triple glazing. Double or triple glazing.
Energy Efficiency Can attain Window Energy Ratings (WER) of ‘A+’. Can attain U-values of 1.2 W/m²k. Window Energy Ratings (WER) of ‘A’ as standard.
Security Equipped with multipoint locks and reinforced by a central Eurogroove and secure bead system. Meets Secured by Design security standards, guaranteeing an excellent performance. Fitted with multipoint locks and hinge protectors, and meeting PAS24 standards.
Life Expectancy At least 35 years with no maintenance required. uPVC is finished with a protective coating to stop fading. Should last for 45 years with the absolute minimum of maintenance on the homeowner’s part. Can last at least 60 years provided they’re re-treated every 5-7 years.
Suitability A more affordable material that offers versatile designs whilst providing modern energy efficiency and security benefits. Slender frames and a smooth finish for a appearance. Frames are very sturdy and equipped with insulating material. FSC chain of custody sustainability approved, our high-quality timber is energy efficient and durable. It can be suited to both old and new homes.

What is a casement window?

Despite being the most common type of window in the UK, many people are not entirely sure what casement windows are. Well, a casement window is attached to a frame by one or more hinges. One defining characteristic of casement windows is that they are always opened outwards by either an automatic or manual mechanism. Side hung casements are the most common type of them, although they can also be hung from the top, bottom or fixed in place.

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White uPVC casement window installation
Dual colour uPVC casement windows

Durable uPVC casement windows in Luton, St Albans, Cambridge and Bedford

Combining uPVC’s excellent thermal qualities with multiple heat trapping chambers in the frames, uPVC casement windows can create cosy, energy-efficient homes that should cost you less to heat. uPVC is also a highly durable material that resists discolouration, so any casements built from it will last and continue to look good whilst doing so.

They’re also available in a wide range of colours and finishes, with woodgrain foils proving to be highly popular with homeowners. Woodgrain foils replicate the appearance of actual timber, meaning you can benefit from casement windows that look just like timber ones but have all the practical benefits of high-quality uPVC.

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Sleek & sturdy aluminium casement windows

Aluminium casements utilise aluminium’s incredible strength and durability, resulting in a slender window design that is completely solid. Visually appealing and easy to maintain, aluminium’s resistance to corrosion also means a rust-free finish indefinitely. Aluminium casements can now compete with the other materials in terms of thermal performance too because polyamide thermal breaks that reduce heat transfer are fitted within their frames.

They can also be finished in smooth and metallic finishes along with any RAL colour. This gives you a huge amount of flexibility and makes it easy to find a finish to suit your home.

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Black aluminium casement windows installation
Green timber casement windows

Timeless timber casement windows in Market Harborough, Peterborough, Banbury and Dunstable

Timber is the classic window material, and as such, many homeowners opt for timber casement windows when they want to add some traditional charm to their home or update their original timber windows. Timber has wonderful insulation qualities too, meaning a cosy home is assured. It’s also a popular misconception that timber is hard to maintain, when it only needs retreating about once a decade in order to last for a lifetime!

Our timber casements are available in a variety of paint and stain finishes, so you can achieve a huge number of looks for them.

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Can T&K fit a top hung casement window?

Yes, we can, although you might also know them by the term awning casement windows. They can be fitted in a wide range of sizes too. Small top hung casement windows are often fitted above larger side hung casements to create a grouping of windows that looks aesthetically pleasing. Having the small top hung casement also means the property can be ventilated safely. You often find small top hung casements in bathrooms too because they allow for ventilation whilst maintaining privacy.

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Rosewood uPVC casement window

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