If you’re a homeowner, chances are you’ve come across the term roofline before. However, don’t worry if you weren’t sure what it means because it’s not such a commonly known term!

‘Roofline’ is the term used to describe the area on the home where the roof edge meets the property wall and the different products that lie in this area. The individual roofline components work collectively to protect the property from water and weather damage, whilst they also give it a neat finish. If you’re not too familiar with some of the terms related to roofline, don’t worry, because we’ve covered these in this blog too!

Fascia boards

White uPVC roofline and gutteringThe term fascia boards or ‘fascias’ describes the long boards that run horizontally along the edge of the roof. They are attached to the end of the rafters and they support the bottom row of roof tiles. The gutters are also attached to them.

We install fascia boards in three different styles: Flat, Ogee and Bull Nosed. They also come in a selection of colours to suit individual property styles.


Black uPVC roofline and gutteringSoffits are long boards that seal the overhang between the wall and the fascia board, providing essential protection for your rafters from rain and moisture. They also keep any wildlife from getting into your roof space.

Soffits are available in different sizes and weights, along with ventilated and non-ventilated varieties. Under current Building Regulations, new roofs need to have adequate ventilation to prevent condensation from building up, and ventilated soffits are one way to provide it.


roofline installationBargeboard is the term used to describe the fascias that are fixed diagonally to the gable end of a roof. Whilst they support this area of the roof by concealing and protecting the roof purlins, bargeboards tend be more decorative in design than the average fascia board.

Box end

White uPVC fasciasThe box end sits at the corner of a property’s gable end and their purpose is to connect the fascias and soffits on the non-gable end to the bargeboards on the property’s gable end. This ensures no gaps are present and neatly finishes off the roof.


uPVC guttering and downpipes in whiteThe gutters are the shallow troughs that are attached to the fascia boards. Their purpose is to safely divert rainfall into downpipes and away from the property, preventing water damage. For this reason, it’s important for them to be kept clear and fully operational.

They come in a variety of different styles and these have different flow capacities to deal with the size of the roofing area and the amount of expected rainfall.

Restore your roofline with T&K

Is your roofline not working as it should be or does it look tired and outdated? Whatever roofline issues you’re having, T&K can help. We install a selection of roofline components that are built from ultra-durable, low-maintenance uPVC. For more information, give us a call for free on 0800 622 716 or contact us online.