Northamptonshire has been issued with an amber warning on Tuesday and Wednesday, meaning to be prepared for extreme weather. This will cause road delays, so be safe.

And with this incoming weather, the temperature has been said to be dropping into the minuses and staying there.

So here are our top 10 tips for you during this cold spell:

  1. Keep wrapped up. Even in your home, get cosy with a jumper (or two!). Wrap up, especially if you’re going outside.
  2. Make sure you have your winter essentials in your car; de-icer, screen wash, blanket, water. (in case of emergencies).
  3. Don’t block your radiators (furniture and other object can reduce the efficiency of your radiators – meaning less heat)
  4. Close your curtains in the evening. During the day, keep them open to allow the sun in which will slowly begin to warm up your house, but at night it acts as another layer of insulation, helping keep out the cold.
  5. Reflect the heat. A lot of heat is lost through radiators that are on external walls, but you can reflect the heat back into the room by placing a reflective sheet on the wall behind a radiator, tin foil is a great home solution to this.
  6. Close the door on unused rooms. Spare rooms that are rarely used are generally cold, by closing the door you are allowing the warm air to flow around the parts of your home that are in regular use and keeping the cold in that room.
  7. To reduce draughts from your doors, use a foam pipe cover to surround the bottom of doors. These are relatively cheap and can normally be found at any local DIY store.
  8. If you have any bare floorboards, cover some of it up with a nice rug, Bare flooring can account up to 10% heat loss.
  9. Leave for work early so you get there on time (in-case of traffic disruptions). Make sure you call your work in plenty of time if you won’t be able to make it.
  10. Make you your pets are kept warm! Move rabbits and outdoor animals to an inside enclosure, cats and dogs need constant access to warmth.