Considering upgrading your windows and doors but want to ensure you are not harming the environment too much?

Casement uPVC windows with astragal bars

At T&K, not only do we produce and install windows and doors with the very best energy ratings/U values and ensure all materials removed from your home are fully recycled, but we also use RCM in all our of products.

Recycled Composite Material (RCM) is a reinforcement for PVC-U windows and doors manufactured from recycled waste PVC-U.

Supplied as a substitute to either steel or aluminium sections, RCM is a cost effective alternative that offers superb benefits, while being fully sustainable. Developed as part of our proactive stance to increase the sustainable credentials of our product range, RCM closes loop to the recycling process, offers better thermal efficiency and has a minimum life cycle of 35 years.


  • Unique and patent pending RCM reinforcement from Profile 22.
  • 100% recycled composite material reinforcement – fully and easily recyclable.
  • Increases thermal efficiency – achieves a higher energy rating than comparative windows/doors with steel or aluminium reinforcement.
  • More than 35 years’ life expectancy.
  • It doesn’t corrode or rust.
  • RCM has a screw pull out value greater than steel.
  • The price of RCM is stable.
  • 20-30% increase in corner weld strength.
  • User friendly, easy to cut and clean, lighter than steel – making it easier
    and safer to handle.
  • RCM makes windows easier to install as it is lighter and windows can be
    carried more easily.

If you’re deciding to buy a new door or window for your home, be sure to check the manufacturer incorporates RCM.

If you want to read more about how we help the environment then visit our partners Profile 22.