Contemporary living for any home with a set of sliding patio doors

Combining large areas of high-quality glazing with slender frames, patio doors are a great way to brighten up any areas of the home. Because they are opened by smoothly sliding them to one side, instead of inwards or outwards, opening them doesn’t take up any of your internal space either. We offer them in 3 different materials: uPVC, aluminium and timber. Each option comes with their own extensive selection of colour finishes and with either 2, 3 or 4 door panels. So, it's possible for us to fit patio doors in apertures that are large and small.

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Compare our patio door materials

uPVC Aluminium Wooden
Colour Options 26 colours, and several woodgrain effects. A dual colour option is available. 150+ RAL colours, and several woodgrain effects. A dual colour option is available. 12 colours and 9 wood stains. A dual colour option is available.
Glazing Options Toughened double glazing. Toughened double glazing. Toughened double glazing.
Energy Efficiency Can achieve U-values of 0.8W/m2k. Can achieve U-values of 1 W/m2K. Can achieve U-values of 0.9 W/m2K.
Security Fitted with a multi-point locks and an anti-jacking system that meets PAS24 approvals, UK building regulations and British Standards Group requirements. Additional security features are optional. PAS24 accredited with bespoke multi-point locks fitted as standard. Additional security features are optional. Multi-point locks and advanced cylinder looks are fitted as standard to meet TS007 and SS312 standards. Additional security features are optional.
Life Expectancy At least 35 years with no maintenance required. Its finished with a protective coating to stop fading. At least 45 years with no maintenance needed. A protective coating eliminates corrosion or rust. At least 30 years with minimal maintenance. It requires wood protection to be applied every 5-7 years.
Suitability A more affordable door material that offers versatile designs whilst providing modern energy efficiency and security benefits. Provides a modern slimline style with a smooth finish for a premium appearance. It’s naturally insulating and incredibly strong. FSC chain of custody sustainability approved, our high-quality timber is energy efficient and durable. The classic style can be suited to both old and new homes.

uPVC patio doors in Luton, St Albans, Cambridge and Bedford

The combination of naturally insulating uPVC with multi-chambered, heat-trapping profiles makes our uPVC patio doors some of the most efficient doors you’ll find anywhere. Due to the large expanses of glass, you might be worried that your home will feel overly cold during the winter. However, this simply won't be a problem, plus you’re likely to see a nice reduction to your energy bill as well.

Available in a wealth of long-lasting finishes, the high-quality uPVC we use is also exceptionally durable and sturdy. So, whatever finish you choose for them, you can expect it to last. Plus, uPVC is so easy to clean that you can keep it looking its best with very little upkeep.

Check out our uPVC patio doors
Black uPVC sliding patio door
Black aluminium patio door interior view

Aluminium patio doors in Market Harborough, Peterborough, Banbury and Dunstable

The sturdiness and anti-corrosive qualities of aluminium mean that aluminium patio doors offer outstanding durability, keeping your home totally draught and weather-free in the process. Their slender frames allow for larger expanses of glass, meaning more natural light coming into your home. As our aluminium patio doors have been thermally broken, they will also keep your home warm during the colder months.

Available in over 200 RAL colours, the number of possible finishes for them is almost limitless. No matter what look you want for them, we’re certain you’ll be able to achieve it.

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Ultra-durable timber patio doors that are naturally beautiful

With the right care, our high-quality timber patio doors offer maximum durability. So, once they’re fitted to your home, you needn’t worry about replacing them for a lifetime! The natural insulation qualities of timber and the fact that it’s sustainably sourced mean your home will be warmer and greener too.

Available in 19 smooth colours, 3 real wood finishes and dual colour options, you’ll have no trouble finding a set to suit any type of home.

View our timber patio doors
Grey timber patio door
uPVC patio door interior view

How much do patio doors cost?

Patio door prices are not set because every installation of them is completely bespoke. However, there are a variety of factors that do have a direct effect on their price. These include:

• The chosen hardware and door furniture
• What material they’re constructed from
• The colour finish that’s been applied to them
• What size the doors are

For further information on factors that affect the cost of patio doors, follow the link below.

Door Prices

Enjoy a secure home thanks to high-quality patio door security features

For starters, each of our patio door options are equipped with toughened glass. This is much safer and secure than standard glass because it’s far harder to break and if it is eventually broken, it will shatter into hundreds of tiny pieces. Each of our patio doors are secured at various points in their frames by multiple locking systems too. This ensures that no weak areas are left for potential intruders to attempt to exploit.

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White uPVC patio door handles
Golden oak uPVC patio door installation

High-quality double glazed patio doors for warmer, more energy-efficient homes

We fit double glazed patio doors here at T&K that actively trap large quantities of heat in your home. Plus, our double glazing is fitted with Planitherm glass and this has a special layer that reflects heat back into your home. As a result, the interior of your home will be warmer during the colder months, plus there will be less of a need to rely on your heating system for warmth. Therefore, there’s a good chance you might lower the amount you spend on energy too.

What is double glazing?

Do T&K offer grey patio doors?

Yes, grey patio doors are one of our most popular options here at T&K. This isn’t all that surprising considering that they look great and grey is a neutral colour. Therefore, they look good in almost any surroundings.

As we have three different materials to choose from for our patio doors (uPVC, aluminium and timber), and each of them comes with their own wide range of colour finishes, you really are spoilt for choice when it comes to the number of colour finishes you can achieve. We also offer dual colour patio doors, which have a different finish for the interior and exterior door frames.

Door Colour Options
Grey timber patio doors interior view
orangery with sliding patio doors

What patio door sizes do you have available?

We offer patio doors that come with as little as 2 or as many as 4 individual door panels. These panels also come in different sizes, allowing us to install patio doors to fit apertures that are small or very large, depending on the preferences of our customers.

For more detailed information on the patio door sizes we have on offer, please get in touch with a member of our friendly, well-informed team using the link below.

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