Grey doors

As a cool and balanced colour, grey is a great way to blend in with virtually any surroundings. Another great thing about grey doors is that this colour is also incredibly flexible, so you needn’t limit yourself to just one shade of it. For example, you might consider an Anthracite Grey door if you prefer a contemporary yet earthy look. A light grey, on the other hand, takes on some of the characteristics of white, giving a feeling of serenity to any door it’s applied to. Here at T&K, we offer the following door options with a Grey finish:

uPVC doors and composite doors

Aluminium bifold doors and timber bifolds

uPVCtimber French doors

uPVC, aluminium and timber patio doors.

Anthracite Grey doors

Our uPVC doors, aluminium doors, steel front doors and composite doors are all available with an Anthracite Grey finish.

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White door

White doors are a great way to give your home a clean and cool look. The beauty of white is that it really does lend itself to virtually any home because of the blank-canvas qualities associated with it. It’s actually a very popular choice with homeowners so if you’re looking to stay consistent with other properties in your neighbourhood, you can’t really go wrong if opting for a white door, your options for them include:

Aluminium bifold doorscharming timber bi-folds

Entrance doors which are available in uPVC, aluminium, timber, composite and steel

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Red door

Red is an assertive, powerful colour and, as such, a red door will draw the eyes of anyone in the vicinity of your property, especially if your chosen red is particularly vibrant. In Scotland, painting your door red is a symbol that you’ve paid off your mortgage. If you happen to have paid yours off, why not get a red door for your home and let your neighbours know that you’re now mortgage-free?

Our composite doors have proved highly popular with homeowners and these are available in various shades of red, including Standard Red, Diablo, Bolero and Marsala.

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Blue door

If a blue door is what you’re looking for, you’ll be pleased to hear that you can achieve a variety of effects with this versatile shade. When you want to give off a calming impression, you’ll struggle to find something that does so quite as well as a light blue door. However, for a more striking appearance, you might consider a darker blue or navy coloured door.

Blue front door

If you like the sound of a blue front door, we’ve got a variety of options for you to consider, such as:

Our uPVC entrance doors, which come in Brilliant Blue

Timber doors which are available in Night Blue and Gentian Blue

Our composite doors come in a huge range of blues, from Twilight to Victory Blue, which is teal-like in appearance.

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Dual colour options for doors

Another option that is very much worth considering for a door or set of doors is dual colour, especially if the inside and outside of your home look markedly different. By opting for a dual colour option, different colours will be applied to the interior and exterior parts of the door frames. Dual colour options are available on a number of our door options, which are listed below:

Aluminium bifold doors

Aluminium patio doors

Timber doors

Composite doors

uPVC patio doors

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