Modern conservatory ideas

Minimalism is a design trait that is very much in keeping with a modern look. So, to begin with, you might consider the clean look of a lean-to conservatory for your chosen style and black or Anthracite Grey for the colour of your framing. However, it’s possible to create a whole host of bespoke designs to suit any style of home. A bespoke glazed extension is another idea that is currently on-trend. As you might have expected from the name, they contain a lot of glazing which gives them a modern look.

For the roof of your glazed extension, you might consider a slimline lantern roof. They sit on top of flat-roofed structures, giving them a stylish focal point and allowing light to flow inside. Internally, they feature an internal pelmet ceiling. These ceilings can be fitted with internal spotlights to highlight specific areas and create a modern extension look.

However, lightweight tiled roofs can also be fitted with internal lighting. As they have hardwearing roof tiles for the exterior, you can match their external appearance to that of your existing home. They’re thermally insulating, draught-proof and incredibly durable, able to withstand even the harshest of weathers. Incorporating glazing panels into their design gives the best of both worlds, letting natural light brighten the room.

When deciding on door options, bifold doors and patio doors are popular with modern designs. As their styles include full-length A energy rated glazing panels, they’ll keep the minimalist design whilst ensuring the room is a comfortable temperature and insulated during the cooler months. Bifold doors neatly stack to one side, allowing a fully open space to blend the extension and the garden, and they are available in a range of versatile configurations.  Opening sideways, classic patio doors provide an easy opening to your garden and are excellent choices for floorspace optimisation.

What is the best conservatory roof?

Conservatory doors

If you want your conservatory to be exempt from Building Regulations, it must be separated from your main property by external quality, walls, windows or doors. In this scenario, the likelihood is that you’ll have a set of doors leading from the main property to the conservatory and another from the conservatory to the outside.

Bifold or patio doors are a great option for the doors between your conservatory and the outside. As they both slide to the side, they can create a fully open wall, or be opened just to let some fresh air in. Sliding patio doors open via a singular sideways sliding panel, meaning they essentially take no space to open so they’re ideal for smaller extensions to save space. Bi-fold doors are incredibly versatile, and with a number of configurations, they can open to the left, right or middle, depending on your individual requirements. They take up a little more floor space than patio doors due to their folding mechanism. French doors are another popular conservatory door option; opening outwards they’ll let you easily move from home to garden.

Style-wise, patio and bifold doors are considered more contemporary whilst French doors are a great choice for more classic conservatory designs. This is worth bearing in mind when choosing the doors leading to the garden as they will impact how your conservatory appears from the outside.

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Interior conservatory furniture ideas

With a new space, you can create the perfect living space from scratch, whatever it’s function. You should begin with the colour scheme. Modern interior design styles favour monochrome shades like white and grey, whilst a sophisticated space could incorporate wooden furniture, with elegant cream and pastel colours. To truly reflect your personality, how about injecting some colour with some mix and match cushions, rugs and decorative elements dotted around the room? A statement piece of furniture will help you to base your designs around, such as a dining table, a sofa or kitchen cabinets.

Conservatory blinds and curtains are worth considering for any conservatory. Either option allows you to change light and privacy levels until they’re comfortable for you. Mirrors are excellent for making the room feel even bigger than it is, and family photos will ensure it feels homely.

For smaller extensions, corner sofas help to save space and are in-trend for modern conservatory decor. Another way to save space is to mount a TV to the wall. Not only does this look impressive, but it also eliminates the need for a TV stand.

Whilst furniture will add style and character, it’s also important that it serves a practical function. So if you know your glass extension will be used for entertaining guests, ensure it has plenty of seating. In the same way, if children are likely to play in the room, opting for child-friendly furniture is important.

Again, your chosen lighting will depend on how you use the room and let you create the perfect ambience. We’ve created a handy guide that you can use to help you with this.

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Kitchen extensions

Constructed using durable and robust materials, a kitchen conservatory extension will function like any normal kitchen, whilst allowing you to design it from scratch. You can create the kitchen you’ve always dreamed of, whether that be with sleek grey cabinets, heritage style wooden ones, or something a little more unique! So we can accommodate kitchen designs that include breakfast bars, a large dining table and cosy corner sofas.

Our kitchen extension roof options will ensure resilience from harsh weathers and eliminate any external sounds. Tiled roofs give the sense of a full home extension, whilst keeping your kitchen thermally insulated. Including a roof lantern or glazing panels will create an airy and bright atmosphere, whilst adding a contemporary touch. They’re ideal to be positioned above a dining area as a focal point, whilst ensuring for a kitchen extension that has the ‘wow’ factor.

By opting for patio or bifold doors, you can create a seamless transition between the inside and out, which will be great when entertaining any guests on those warm summer evenings. It will also let the fresh air in and any cooking smells to leave the room. For your kitchen extension flooring, opt for a tiled or vinyl floor as either will prove a practical and easy to clean option, which is ideal for kitchens.

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Orangery or conservatory?

Whilst on a quest for conservatory inspiration, it can be quite easy to forget that they’re not your only option when it comes to extending your home. There are differences between orangeries and conservatories from a traditional standpoint, such as the amount of glazing each of them has and the type of roof each of them is fitted with. Although, the lines between them have blurred in recent times.

What is notable, however, is that many consider orangeries to be a more luxurious option, which means they might be a better option for someone who is really looking to make their home stand out, creating a sense of grandeur around their property.

As an alternative choice, we also offer garden rooms which bridge the gap between full home extensions and traditional conservatories. They’re designed completely bespoke, so you can include any of our windows and doors and choose the internal flooring and lighting too.

What is the difference between a conservatory & an orangery?

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