Improving your home can be an excellent way to increase its value. A new conservatory or orangery, for example, can bolster its value by up to 5%! However, there are home improvements that can devalue the opposite effect. So, to help you avoid knocking your home’s value down, we’ve listed them in this handy blog.

1. Outdoor swimming pools

Outdoor swimming poolAlthough the idea of your own pool might seem appealing, there’s no guarantee of getting much use from one on account of the British weather. This can really put potential buyers off, especially when coupled with their expensive maintenance costs, or how much they cost to remove. It can put them off so much, in fact, that it’s estimated that they can knock your property’s value down by up to £20k!

2. Extending without planning permission or building control approval

If you’ve taken the decision to extend your home, it’s imperative that you acquire any necessary planning permission and building control approval. You should have the documents to prove this too, because if you don’t, you’ll have to pay for them retrospectively before selling your home. However, if you use a reputable installer like us here at T&K, they will take care of these things for you and provide you with the documents as proof.

3. Darkened rooms

Although darkened rooms are not a home improvement as such, they can be a common culprit for reducing house value. However, if there are overhanging trees or plants blocking out the sun, trimming them back can alleviate the issue. You could also fit any suitable rooms with a roof lantern to let light in from above, whilst French, patio or bifold doors will allow more in from the side.

4. Swapping out the bathtub

BathroomWhilst it might seem like a great idea to remove the bath in order to open up your bathroom, this can put off some potential buyers. However, ensuring you have a shower and bath available will ensure you cover all bases when it comes to the bathroom. Adding a second bathroom can also increase property value by up to 5%.

5. Painting rooms dark blue

The Home Improvement Trends Report 2020 found that dark blue rooms are 52% likely to discourage would-be buyers from putting down an offer. Dark grey rooms were almost as discouraging (49% likely to put people off). So, be careful before picking up the paintbrush and giving those walls a fresh coat.

Home improvements that could add home value:

  • Pebble Grey ConservatoryGlazed extensions – conservatories, orangeries and other types of home extension can add up to 5% onto your property’s value.
  • New windows and doors – new windows and doors can give your property a well-needed facelift, enhance security and improve thermal performance, making it a more attractive prospect to would-be buyers.
  • Convert your loft into a bedroom – an extra bedroom can increase value by up to 15%, and most lofts can be converted.

For more tips on adding value to your home, follow the link here.

Avoid home improvements that could devalue your home

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