Tilt & turn windows are a practical solution for homes above 1 storey

As they tilt inwards from the top, you can ventilate your home without the worry of a small child attempting to climb out of them. However, by fully opening them into the home, you can also clean them in safety and comfort. For these reasons, they’re highly sought after in high-up locations, such as blocks of flats and other multi-storey residences. Although, many also seek them out for the second or third storey of their home. Available in uPVC, timber and aluminium, there are plenty of ways to customise them to suit you.

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uPVC Aluminium Timber
Colour Options 26 colours, and several woodgrain effects. A dual colour option is available. 150+ RAL colours, and several woodgrain effects. A dual colour option is available. 12 colours and 9 wood stains. A dual colour option is available.
Glazing Options Double or triple glazing. Double or triple glazing. Double or triple glazing.
Energy Efficiency Able to achieve Window Energy Ratings (WER) of ‘A+’. Able to achieve Window Energy Ratings (WER) of ‘A+’. Potential to achieve Window Energy Ratings (WER) of ‘A+’.
Security Multipoint locks, durable hardware, heavy duty shoot bolt. Fitted with multipoint locks and able to achieve Secured by Design accreditation. Multipoint locks, PAS 24 accredited.
Life Expectancy At least 35 years with no maintenance required. uPVC is finished with a protective coating to stop fading. Should last for 45 years with the absolute minimum of maintenance on the homeowner’s part. Can last at least 60 years provided they’re re-treated every 5-7 years.
Suitability A more affordable material that offers versatile designs whilst providing modern energy efficiency and security benefits. Slender frames and a smooth finish for a appearance. Frames are very sturdy and equipped with insulating material. FSC chain of custody sustainability approved, our high-quality timber is energy efficient and durable. It can be suited to both old and new homes.

uPVC tilt and turn windows in Luton, St Albans, Cambridge and Bedford

Versatile and high-performance, uPVC tilt and turn windows are built from low maintenance uPVC. So, cleaning them from within the comfort of your own home is made even easier. A multichambered profile also helps to trap large quantities of heat, leading to outstanding energy ratings of A+. Therefore, you can expect a more comfortable home and potential reductions to your energy bills.

uPVC’s outstanding durability also means you can expect them to last for around 35 years. Plus, they come in a wide range of colours and woodgrain effects, so customising their look to suit your unique tastes is an absolute breeze.

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uPVC tilt and turn interior view
Light grey aluminium tilt and turn window

Slimline and secure aluminium tilt and turn windows

One area where aluminium tilt and turn windows differ from their competitors are their exceptionally slender frames, which are a result of the material’s wonderful strength. This gives them a modern, streamlined appearance. And because there are more than 150 RAL colours available for application to their frames, the possibilities for them are virtually endless.

Performance wise, you can expect superior energy ratings of A+ and a warmer, more comfortable home in the process. Aluminium also has an expected lifespan of 45 years with the absolute minimum of maintenance required on your part.

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Versatile timber tilt and turn windows in Market Harborough, Peterborough, Banbury and Dunstable

A sustainable and practical addition to the home, timber tilt and turn windows come in 19 different colours and a host of woodgrain finishes. Therefore, there are options available to suit all kinds of home. As a protective coating is applied to the framing, they can also last for a hugely impressive 60 years or more, making them the most durable of their kind.

The combination of insulating wood and dual weather seals ensures they seal your home from excessive noise and draughts. The result is a much quieter living environment and potential energy ratings of A+, so you can expect it to feel a comfortable temperature all year long too. Plus, they’re equipped with multipoint locks, so any properties are expertly secured.

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Oak timber tilt and turn window
Close up of integral blinds

Can you get blinds for tilt and turn windows?

As tilt and turn windows open inwards, they are not suitable for use with traditional blinds and curtains. However, here at T&K, we install integral blinds which are housed within the glazed unit of the window. Therefore, they do not interfere with the window’s inward opening arc. Available in either Venetian or Pleated styles, they’re the perfect solution for anyone who wants more control over light and privacy levels in their home.

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Can tilt and turn windows open outwards?

Tilt and turn windows are not designed for outward opening. Their specialist hinge system allows them to be tilted inwards from the top or fully opened into the room in which they are fitted. However, if you require outward opening windows, we recommend that opting for casement windows instead. Here at T&K, they are available in uPVC, aluminium or timber, and they come in a wealth of finish options too.

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Top hung black aluminium casement window installation

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