Roofline from T&K, Fascia, Soffit and Guttering

From the commencement of installation all the agreed existing roofline will be removed. Our installers will take special care to remove the old material in a safe way. T&K will not ‘cloakover’ any existing roofline. T&K will endeavor to provide a minimum level of disruption to you for the duration of your installation. One way we can help with this is by using an Easi-Dec scaffolding system.

We do so on the majority of our installs and is erected on day one of installation and removed from site once our installers have completed. Only on more complex instances shall traditional scaffolding be required. We will then completely replace the fascia’s, soffits, guttering and downpipes to the specified areas in your required colour finish of either black, brown or white. (Special colours are also available) Our installers will only use:

  • Marine grade 65mm stainless steel fixings
  • Tin based stabilisers which will keep white whiter than white
  • An eaves protection system to create ventilation.

You can choose your guttering to be in either Half Round, Square or Deep flow Ogee profiles. if you have a terraced or semi-detached property it may be wish to match the profile adjoining your neighbour’s property. This ensures a nice neat finish.

To ensure stability and strength, T&K will fix individual ‘noggins’ to every rafter to guarantee alignment of the fascia and soffits. This will result in your fascias having no chance of bending or weakening. This will ensure greater performance and longevity over the years to come.

In general, no under-venting is required, as the replacement eaves tray will provide adequate ventilation to your roof. However, we will ensure that all of our full replacement roofline installations comply with the latest Building regulations.

Visit our exhibition centre to view our bungalow roofline demonstration or to speak to one of our design team for further technical insight!